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About V. Catoe
Best Silk Press #IDOWHATYOUGREW Licensed Cosmetologist Specializing in Healthy Hair
Styles by V.Catoe | The Confidence Corner Salon Mount Holly, NC


I provide haircare for the woman that values her time as well as her hair.

My mission is to help you see the beauty in YOUR hair. Because of this,


and operate weave free.


I am a licensed Cosmetologist for over 20 years that constantly receives Continued Education for current and upcoming trends that allow me to provide an excellent experience for you each and every visit.

My aim is to provide excellent services while maintaining the integrity and dignity of your hair. 

I continually strive to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques in haircare, styling, and maintenance. I offer professional services with the highest quality in products.


We will work together to address your concerns, determine your needs, and fulfill your hair desires. My ultimate goal is to see you smile because you received a great experience while achieving your desired hair goals. – Not only because I want you to look and feel good but because I value the health of your hair.

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